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Virtual VF-17 Jolly Rogers of Aces High

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VF17 1 Big Hog.png

VF-17 #1 'Big Hog' flown by Lcdr. Thomas Blackburn (skin by Greebo)

VF17 9 lonesome polecat.png

VF-17 #9 'Lonesome Polecat' flown by Lt. 'Butch' Davenport (skin by Tex01)

VF17 17 Hedrick.png

VF-17 #17 flown by Lcdr. Roger Hedrick (skin by Fencer51/update by Tex01)

VF17 29 Kepford.png

VF-17 #29 flown by Lt. (JG) Ike Kepford (skin by Saxman)

VF17 34 LA city limits.png

VF-17 #34 flown by Lt. 'Chico' Freeman (skin by Tex01)

VF17 number 2.png

VF-17 #2 flown by Lt. (JG) Doug Gutenknust (skin by Tex01)

VF17 F4U1 F 8.png

VF-17 F-8 (skin by by Greebo)

VF84 F4U-D 167.png

VF-84 F4U-1D #167 (skin by Greebo)

VF84 F4U-D 110.png

VF-84 F4U-1D #110 (skin by Tex01)

VF84 F4U-C 185.png

VF-84 F4U-1C #185 (skin by Greebo)

VF17 F6F 35.png

VF-17 (reformed) F6F-5 #35 (skin by Greebo)

Virtual VF-17 Jolly Rogers of Aces High

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